About us


Artefakt is your best friend in music.
Our vision is to create a sustainable career for artists who have something to tell. Our roster consists of captivating and intriguing talent extending from the heartfelt singer-songwriter to the all-out rock band with nothing to lose.


Artefakt specializes in booking. Through this we help artists obtain a wider reach and sustain natural growth. In addition to this, we are always on the sideline and ready to help with creating pr-strategies, general managing tasks, networking etc.


Artefakt was founded to help unique upcoming artist reach their full potential. As an upcoming artist, there can often be an imbalance between how much you want to play and how much you actually end up playing - we want to change that, as well as showcasing some worldclass musical talent.

Anders Toftgaard

Born and raised in Denmark, and later moved to Germany where he met Matthias at the local high school. Studied Musicology at the University of Copenhagen. Works in the field of culture and event management and has hands-on experience with music journalism.
Loves Bruce Springsteen.


Matthias Runge

Born and raised in Flensburg, Germany where he met Anders at the local high school. Studied Media Sonic Communication at Sonic College UC SYD in Denmark. Has worked in the field of culture and event management for 4 years. Also works as a music producer, composer and sound designer.
Loves cats.