Sarah Weiß

The Flensburg-based singer-songwriter Sarah Weiß used the unwelcome creative break of 20/21 to launch the exciting work on her debut album. In this time, marked by quiet, inward contemplation, a great many songs and the fitting artwork escaped the tip of her quill.

For just shy of 15 years music has been one of the pillars in Sarah’s life and the big step towards the debut album was therefore an important one to her. The songs are brought to life through piano and guitar and tell stories that have for the longest time been hidden away in the artist herself. After two years of hard work she now finally holds the finished product in her hands and joyously presents her first album titled “12 months of flying”. The concept album revolves around themes of love, farewells, conflict and overcoming life-changing events.

Sarah tells story from real life, sometimes her own, sometimes others’. The lyrics are sincere and at times contemplative and leave room for interpretation between the lines. The music bears markings of both indie-pop and indie-folk in the best way possible. It’s the combination of Sarah’s remarkable voice, a flood of emotion and her own genuine style that moves the audience.